Payment terms

When making a reservation for a transfer from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi international airport, Don Mueang Airport, downtown Bangkok hotels or other locations:

Rates: All fares shown are per vehicle and inclusive of taxes, fuel, tolls for expressways etc. and are for door-to-door service, where possible. There are no hidden extras or unnecessary stops.

Confirmations: After you fill out the form you will typically see an immediate confirmation with below it a PayPal  button where you can make a secure payment by credit card online for the required deposit. This is based on the assumption that we have car available for your transfer, which is the case in 98% of all bookings for Bangkok Airport transfers. However, if you select a destination other than the ones listed in the drop down menu, we will have to manually verify the information entered and send a confirmation, or request for additional information, within 18 hours. If you do not receive a response within 36 hours, please check spam boxes first and contact us by e-mail.

We do reserve the right to cancel your booking and return the deposit at any time, although this will typically happen within 24 hours after the reservation was made through this Limousine website. If we need to cancel your booking any paid deposit will be returned to you the next working day. Reasons for cancellation can be: too many persons for the booked vehicle, bookings less than 18 hours prior to arrival, bookings to (temporarily) unreachable destinations, bookings to very remote areas of Bangkok, bookings for hotels that are actually in a different city than booked (Hua Hin vs Pranburi) etc.

The one way trip car booking will be required 50% deposit of fare.
The around trip car booking will be required 25% deposit of fare.
Paypal payment will be charged 4% of transaction.

Rest payments: the remaining amount can be paid direct to our minibus or limousine drivers in cash, upon arrival at your destination. For round trip bookings we will hold the deposit for the return trip, so you will not need to pay that again online. You then pay the one way fare upon arrival at your destination and the remaining half fare up on your return to the airport or other location.

Prepayments: It is possible to pay the full amount in advance, but note that that the same 4% credit card charge will apply.

Cancellations & Refunds: During the peak season (25 Dec-5 Jan and 11-17 Apr) we can accept cancellations until 3 days prior to travel. On all other dates it is possible to cancel until 36 hours prior to the booked departure time, to qualify for a refund. If the funds need to be transferred to an overseas bank account, there will be international swift wire transfer charges or other payment processor charges deducted from the paid deposit. If the deposit was paid through Paypal within the prior 60 days, those companies will also refund their charges for a complete refund. Cancellations that reach us less than 36 hours prior will be not be eligible for a refund.

Meeting points: At Suvarnabhumi airport our airport hostess will wait in the area opposite door number 3 in the arrival hall, holding a sign with your name on it. For pick ups from hotels or other locations, the driver will wait in the lobby, also with a name sign. Please ensure that you check in under the same name as under which the booking with us was made, so the hotel / resort will not turn away the driver with the statement: “that person is not a guest here”..

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